Blackbird Salesforce Consulting


About us

Blackbird is a Salesforce consultancy based in Barcelona, with a team passionate about software development and specializing in cloud technologies. We work hard and love the work that we do and the people with do it with. Our consultants work hard and play hard, assuring the highest quality products and always meeting deadlines on time. Our dedication and teamwork is hard to find anywhere else, which really shows in our competitive rankings in Rocket League.

How we started

Our founders, Enric Mora and Hernan Lizondo came together in Barcelona to build a Startup that could support the growing number of small to medium based companies migrating to cloud solutions all across Spain. With years of experience both working within the Salesforce platform as users and building solutions for various business sectors as administrators and developers, Blackbird immediately began to thrive with stellar reviews from its clients, earning an average of 10/10 in customer satisfaction.

What we do

We are specialists in Salesforce. We have built systems from the ground up for a large range of business sectors from Real Estate to Finance. We have built APIs for integrations with existing ERPs, websites and external systems in order to integrate our clients’ CRMs seamlessly into the Cloud.

We love challenges, and consider our Salesforce developers to be some of the best in Spain. We therefore handpick the most intriguing and complex opportunities with confidence that our team will find the most optimal solutions to our clients’ needs. For us, Salesforce doesn’t have limits. With enough time, focus, and dedication we can make any customer’s vision for his or her business come true.