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Custom lookup lightning web component

Written by Lucia Lillo


In this tutorial we will create a Lightning web component that mimics the standard lookup behaviour, it should be reusable by any Salesforce environment. The main goal is to achieve a better understanding of the LWC framework and be able to identify its main features and describe them through this example.

SOQL Tutorial for Admins

Written by Lucas Puig Batlló

SOQL stands for Salesforce Object Query Language. It is based on SQL (Structured Query Language) and in general it follows the same structure and syntax with a few exceptions.

Calculating pre-signed AWS Signature Version 4 in Salesforce Apex

Written by Francesc Pera

Calculating pre-signed AWS Signature Version 4 in Salesforce Apex

Amazon Web Services provides a large amount of cloud-based solutions for our applications. And most of the time, they require a Signature to authenticate requests. One of the most common problems is how to calculate that signature in Salesforce.

Introduction to Pardot

Written by Laia Fortuny

If you are working for a Marketing department in a company seeking to push the online marketing strategy you will probably have heard about Pardot: “B2B Marketing Automation on the World’s #1 CRM”.

Macros en Salesforce

Written by Mouty Le Monnier


Llevas a cabo diariamente tareas o registros repetitivos que te hacen perder el tiempo o que dificultan la gestión de Casos o respuestas a Clientes? Te gustaría poder completar esas tareas sin perder tiempo de trabajo?

Salesforce para el sector Real Estate

Written by Hernan Lizondo

Todos sabemos que Salesforce es el CRM número 1 del mundo y que se puede adaptar a cualquier tipo de negocio y sector. De hecho, eso es lo que lo hace ser el número 1. Pero, ¿se puede llegar a adaptar a un sector tan específico y con tantas peculiaridades como lo es el Real Estate?

Integrating Salesforce with Whatsapp using third party API

Written by Anton Solomin


In this tutorial we’ll set up Salesforce to Whatsapp integration using a third-party API. Our goal is to be able to send and recieve messages, images and other types of files from/to Salesforce, to store the contents and to have the ability to automate the message exchange. We’ll have a general overview of the available options provided by Whatsapp and their partners. Additionally, I’ll provide some code samples to demonstrate how the integration can be used.

Recursion issues in salesforce and how to solve them

Written by Alex Gimenez

One of the issues developers can face when creating Triggers are recursion problems and how to structure your code. In this article we will address those two issues, taking a look into:

  1. What is a Recursion problem?
  2. What is a Trigger Handler and how to implement it
  3. How to establish recursion control in a simple way.
  4. Why order of execution matters
  5. Another simple way of preventing recursion

Uso y configuración del data loader

Written by Albert Bofill

¿Se acerca una migración de datos y tienes dudas sobre cómo hacerlo? ¿Intentas migrar los datos de un campo fecha/hora y tienes problemas? ¿Se te queda pequeño Import Wizard?


Written by Salva Vidal

Seguro que en muchas ocasiones nos hemos encontrado con que los proyectos requieren de un validador de formato del VAT, así como la comprobación de que este esté registrado en el VIES. Vamos a ver como lo podemos implementar!

Integración de Gmail con Salesforce

Written by Rafa Garcia-Planas

Gracias a la integración de Gmail con Salesforce podremos acceder a nuestros clientes o candidatos desde la bandeja de correo sin tener que navegar entre ventanas. Además, podremos tener ambos calendarios perfectamente sincronizados.

Integrate Salesforce with Google Cloud Storage

Written by Jon Duelfer

Google’s Cloud Storage offers great flexibility and security for your data, whether it is data that needs to be tapped by today’s most demanding applications or even data that you want to store in archives. As Salesforce Consultants, this is a great option for our clients as they want to move all of their data into the Cloud, yet get a well-priced storage solution that is flexible, secure and can be easily integrated with their Salesforce Platform.